Whether you’re looking for a single signature piece or wanting to furnish an entire room or house, we offer a complimentary design consultation for every customer.

You can take a piece directly off the floor (available for delivery or pickup) or work with us to customize it to your exact tastes.

Custom Finishes

Want to change the leg height, the color, the finish to match your decor? No Problem. Our talented team of craftspeople are here to serve.


DESIGN consultation

It's simple science; your environment has the potential to affect our mood, productivity, attitude, and energy level.

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Our Passion

Combining luxury and functionality is our goal. Le Chateau Furniture Co. (and our team) specializes in creating timeless spaces from start to finish. Building off of your own inspiration, we want to help you design your dream.​

We understand that it can be difficult to envision how something in our store may look in your space. So, just like your clothes, we believe that you should have the opportunity "try things on" before you make your final decision.

Regardless of the number of tries it takes, we'll be by your side until you find the perfect fit.